Your LM_NET moderators recommend a very effective way to focus our discussions, and make them more valuable in the process. This may seem a bit more formal that is common on most groups, but it will serve us well as we grow (we now have more than 12,000 people reading LM_NET.)

We recommend that you specifically TARGET-> your queries, and use a HIT-> summary to share their responses received.

That is, when someone wants information about a topic (e.g., bullying websites), they should ask for people to respond to them directly, and after a period of time, post a summary or compilation of responses.  The originator of the TARGET-> question uses that term in the subject line of the initial question that is posted to the entire group.

For example, “TARGET-> Bullying Websites – January 2011.” would appear in the subject line of the message. In the body of the message the person might say something like the following:

“Hi, this is Chris. I would like to TARGET-> Bullying Websites for use in middle schools. I’d like to find out how others on LM_NET are using sites about trying to stop bullying in their schools. If people will respond to me, I’ll compile your responses and post A HIT-> on the topic back to the entire LM_NET.”

Then, when enough responses are collected, the originator summarizes or compiles the responses, and posts the summary as a HIT-> so everyone on the list can read, _if_ they are interested. This is a terrific way to add value to the list. Be sure to restate your original request at the top of the Hit, so that readers will quickly understand the purpose of the Hit.

E-mail addresses: If you plan to include the names and e-mail addresses of those who reply, state it in your Target (e.g., “I will include your e-mail address in my Hit. Please let me know if you wish to remain anonymous.”) This will give the person the option, and may result in more replies to your Target. Remember, all LM_NET messages are sent to a public archives which may be accessed by anyone.

The TARGET/HIT-> approach is particularly effective when someone has a specific question that needs a variety of suggestions, experiences, practices or sources. It is not _always_ appropriate. The intent of TARGET/HIT-> is to make LM_NET more valuable to its growing list of members.

SUMMARY: TARGET/HIT-> is a four-step process:

1. The TARGET-> originator proposes the subject for answering/commenting. i.e., TARGET-> Bullying Websites.

2. Those interested in the subject send their responses to the _originator_ of the TARGET-> question. Please do NOT post the response to the group.

3. TARGET-> originator summarizes or collates the responses, and then,

4. Posts the summarized responses to the entire list, using the original subject of their message as a HIT->.  i.e., HIT-> Bullying Websites.
We have been making effective use of defined subject headings, in order to assist members in managing the large volume of LM_NET mail. Please try to use these Subject terms in the subject line of your postings. Currently available Subject Topic Keywords are:

TARGET request for information to be compiled for a HIT
HIT the compiled information from the TARGET request
ADMIN restricted for official messages from the listowners
GREET for requests for greetings
TECH for software & hardware discussions
REF requests for all types of reference questions
JOBS postings of job vacancies
ELEM postings for kindergarten to 5th grade topics
MIDDLE postings for middle school topics
SEC postings for secondary grades (9 to 12)
HUMOR it helps to state that the message is humorous
TRAV to request travel info (ask for direct reply)
GEN anything that doesn’t fit the other categories

Subject: GEN: Special movie on PBS tonight
Subject: REF,SEC: Info on World War II
When in doubt about which to choose, pick GEN:


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