LM_NET has its own character, just like any “real” grouping of people (such as a party, or a meeting). The list functions best when people respect the character of the list. It’s also good to respect the differences among list members and have a certain tolerance for our individual eccentricities. It is recommended that folks new to the group “lurk” awhile, getting a feel for what is appropriate.

LM_NET does not tolerate flames. We will immediately drop members who post rude, inflammatory or grossly inappropriate messages on/off list. In this category we include messages that are denigrating to any group of people (e.g., racial, orientation, religious, geographical, national, political, etc.) Please remember that LM_NET is an international electronic community, comprising many countries and their peoples and tolerance and professionalism is expected of our members.

Note: This guideline includes private e-mail sent in response to something that an LM_NET member has posted. It doesn’t matter if you send the rude message to someone in private. If you reply to an LM_NET posting, please remember to be polite and civil.

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